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Call For Your Free And Easy Phone Estimate! We understand the importance of clean gutters for the longevity and efficiency of your home. As a leading provider in the gutter industry, we offer top-notch gutter cleanings and downspout cleaning services to ensure your gutters are free-flowing and working properly. When it comes to getting an estimate for your gutter cleaning needs in Westchester County, we make the process quick and easy. At Westchester Gutter Cleaning, we know that your time is valuable. We can provide you with a cost estimate quickly and easily within just a few minutes. Get a free quote today.

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Gutter cleaning step-by-step

We utilize two distinct methods to clean gutters, which depend on the type of debris found inside them.

Cover of a worker cleaning gutter
Removing all debris

Our first step in cleaning your gutters is to meticulously clear all debris from the gutters and avoid making a mess, we carefully collect any wet and muddy debris and deposit it into bags. If the debris is dry and not prone to creating a mess, we utilize a blowing technique to effectively remove it. If there is a wooded area nearby, we may blow the debris into the woods; otherwise, it is placed directly into bags for proper disposal. Our main goal is to leave no mess.

Flushing gutters

As we move forward with providing you with an all-encompassing gutter cleaning service, our second step involves flushing all gutters with a watchful eye to ensure that no debris is left behind.

Technician with the cap kneeling and fixing the tube to the dryer
downspouts Inspection and cleaning

The final step in our gutter cleaning service involves a thorough inspection of the downspouts to ensure that they are entirely unobstructed. If we find any clogs within the downspout tubes, we disassemble them and remove the obstruction before conducting final flushing. As part of our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience, we conduct a thorough walk around of your property to verify that every aspect of the cleaning process has been executed to the highest standards, leaving your property spotless and pristine.

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“EXCELLENT SERVICE! I have used them multiple times for gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and most recently for gutter-guard install. Always happy with the communication and the service from Ray and his team.”

Chloe Renee Jensen
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“Great job cleaning the gutters.  Easy to set an appointment and pay without ever being home or seeing anyone.  Would defiantly use again and can highly recommend.”

Jason Walters
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“I go to Ray to get my gutters clean. He's a professional—that means the schedules are given in advance and stuck to, the guys are friendly and do the job, and everything is above board and easy with great communication all the way. If only everyone was like Ray!”

Joseph McCormack
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“Service was professional, thorough, reliable and friendly! We needed our gutters cleaned after two large storms. Our 3 family home is over 100 years old and over 40ft high. Ray was easy to communicate with and was very detail oriented. Highly recommend!”

Julie Johnson
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“I hired Westchester Gutter Cleaning for gutter cleaning and cover installation. Ray was very responsive, professional, fair priced and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to any neighbors or friends - 5 stars.”

Mike L'Homme
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“Great job cleaning the gutters.  Easy to set an appointment and pay without ever being home or seeing anyone.  Would defiantly use again and can highly recommend.”

Jason Walters
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“Ray is a nice and honest guy. I have called another company before calling Westchester Gutter Cleaning and they recommended I changed the gutters since it was leaking. Luckily I called Ray for a second opinion and he was friendly/professional and gave me the service I was looking for. His staff was exceptional, did a good job and explained...”

Thanh Nguyen
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“They cleaned my dryer vent and I can't recommend them enough! They were professional, on time and very effective. Will use them moving forward!”

Emily O'Sullivan
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“Very prompt and professional. Quoted a price and stuck to it, and was at my house within a week to perform the gutter cleaning. His team ensured all material removed from the roof was also removed from the surrounding yard. Will definitely continue to use their service going forward.”

Steven Szalay
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“I reached out to Westchester Gutter Cleaning for gutter repair work after weather-related damages. Ray and his team were incredibly professional, super-quick and very fairly priced. I would highly recommend them!”

Andrew Eck
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“I have use Westchester Gutter Cleaning over the last several years. Ray and his staff are professional and always do a phenomenal job. Extremely easy to work with as far as scheduling and flexibility. I would highly recommend for anyone in need of assistance in this area.”

Martin Resendiz
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“Highly recommended! Ray returned my call promptly, got me an estimate quickly, and did the work on time.  He cleaned my gutters and repaired a sagging gutter, both for a reasonable and fair price.  I am very happy with the work and will definitely be going back to him again...”

Deborah Shapira
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“Thank you Ray Perez for your gutter service. Job well done! I called Ray and left a message. He called me right back and after a few questions put an estimate on the job. He was very clear on the job description. He was also very pleasant, respectful. The job was done on time. I definitely recommend his services!  Thank you Ray. Jana K.”

Jana Korytova
Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

“We've been using Ray's team for the last several years to maintain our gutters and we are so glad we found them. Very professional, always do a good job, and very fair pricing. Ray is very easy to deal with and makes the process easy. We will be long time customers and will continue to refer friends and family...”

Bob Bowser
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“I've been using Westchester Gutter Cleaning for a few years now and I am very happy with them. Ray is a real nice guy, he's responsive (via text and phone), he and his team are professional and prompt, and they do a great job. He also sends reminder texts/emails to get you on his schedule for your seasonal work, just in case you forget! Highly recommended.”

Matt Leskovic
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“The guys that came very professional. Neat. And they cleaned up after themselves. Offered me tips and insights. Great service for the price ! Would def recommend”

Jeremiah Collins
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“I have been using Ray and team over the last year for cleaning our gutters. Initially, I did not schedule a cleaning recommended by Ray, and paid the price for it with overflowing gutters the last time it rained. Very prompt responses, reasonable pricing, timely and efficient work, with great follow-up (they call me after the cleaning and let me know what they did)...”

Sashi Nivarthi
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“The workers were friendly and efficient. They arrived, set up, & were done in almost no time at all. When they were done, they let me know the conditions of the gutters before & after. Such an easy process!Glad to have found this company & will be using them again in the future”

Elizabeth Vogelsberg
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“Ray is very quick, reliable, honest and stands behind his work. He not only takes the leaves out of my gutters. He washed them out to make sure all the down spouts are clear and in good working order. I highly recommend Ray. I have been using him for many years. You will not be disappointed.”

Victoria Abbate
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“Ray and his team were a pleasure to work with from the initial phone call through job completion.  Not only did they pick up the phone when called, they returned calls as promised and made sure I was more than satisfied with their work before leaving.  It's wonderful to work with a contractor who makes its easy, and delivers on their promises...”

Benjamin Carlin
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Find answers to
your questions

Can my gutters be cleaned without water?
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Yes! Under certain circumstances, including lack of available water and customer request, we will perform a “dry cleaning.” We will only perform a dry cleaning where we can ensure that the gutters and leaders are free from clogs. If we perform a “dry cleaning”, the service carries the same guarantee as a cleaning with water.

Do you recommend screening or gutter guards?
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We do not recommend screening or gutter guards. Ned Stevens has searched for and experimented with all types of products that claim to prevent gutter clogs for nearly 60 years. In short, we’ve found that there’s no such thing as a “no clog” gutter.

We do sell and install gutter screens, but we stopped selling a top-of-the-line solid cover gutter guard. These systems allow debris in the gutters, they allow the water to pour off the top of gutters in heavy rain (which could lead to water in your basement), and they allow clogs. The screens we sell will keep out big debris, but let a significant amount of small debris into the gutters. This debris will cause clogs over time, and can even grow plants in the gutters. As such, even with screens, gutters need to be cleaned regularly.

The solution for gutter clogs is simple: clean the gutters on a regular schedule. You can do this by signing up for one of our ongoing service plans, and you won’t worry about your gutters again.

How can I tell if my gutters need to be cleaned?
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You may notice that areas of your gutters overflow when it rains, or your downspouts aren’t draining any water. It may be as obvious as a visible buildup of debris in your gutters, which indicates that nothing is able to drain.

An easy rule of thumb is that if your gutters haven’t been cleaned in the last 4-6 months, chances are it’s time for another cleaning.

What is the difference between hiring a professional gutter cleaner and doing it myself?
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While it may seem like a more affordable option to clean your gutters on your own, the potential risks simply do not outweigh the savings. You risk serious injuries and might not own the proper equipment or experience. You could also damage your gutters, gutter pitch, or the roof and end up paying even more in costly repairs. Professional gutter cleaners have the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your gutters will be clean and functioning correctly. In the end, hiring a professional gutter cleaner is the best option for your home.

Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned?
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No — we will make your life easy! After you schedule your job, we will appear automatically without further notice for each service scheduled, do a great job, and leave a receipt for you in your door. It’s that easy!

Does Ned’s Gutter Cleaning Service Come with a Guarantee?
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Yes, we guarantee every gutter cleaning we perform. Because of the amount of debris that falls every single day, and the small amount of debris required to clog gutters, gutters can clog at any time. However, we guarantee that your entire system will be cleaned and flow freely through the next rainstorm following your service.

How often should I clean my gutters?
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We recommend that you clean your gutters about 6 times per year. Your local weather and proximity to trees & debris will dictate your specific needs, but we typically suggest this recommended schedule:

- In March, to re-nail all gutters and clear out the branches, dirt and other winter debris – so that they are ready for the “April Showers”

- In June, to clean out all the oak tassels, ragweed, seed pods, “helicopters”, and other debris that land all over our properties

- In August, to remove wind-blown debris caused by Summer thunderstorms

- And then three times in the Fall: October, November, and December, to remove all the clogs caused by leaves that come down throughout the Fall season, before the winter freeze.

Our Service Plans provide the simplest solution for worry-free gutter maintenance, all year long, and come with free benefits!

Why should I clean my gutters?
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Properly pitched gutters and leaders gather that water and channel it away from the home. Doing so prevents water penetration into the home and its foundation. For this reason, Consumer Reports magazine claims that “runaway rainwater” is the “#1 Home Repair That You Should Not Ignore.”

Because of how important a properly flowing gutter system is to your home, you must keep them clean, all year round. If you don’t, rainwater can seep into your home’s roof, siding, and even its foundation. Water damage to these parts of your home can result in costly repairs. Simply cleaning your gutters prevents these expensive projects and keeps water flowing away from your home.

Don't let clogged gutters damage your home. Hire the experts to perform a thorough and risk-free cleaning for you. Get a free quote today!